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PhantomLink said:
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PhantomLink said:

Is this about RPG's on Wii, RPG's on Nintendo Systems or RPG's in general?

Pretty much about RPG's on Wii, but really on any system. I tried to make that clear by putting it in "Nintendo discussion" and by making sure all the games mentioned were Wii-releases

I wasn't clear because in the front page the sub-forum is not shown and lazy people like me dont check the sub forum after.

I dont think that European Wii owners are too busy playing fifa or racing games, just look at the sales, not of them have amazing numbers(except for Mario Kart Wii).

The sales that dont give me hope are Golden Sun's (yeah not a Wii game but still)

Only 30K after 8 weeks.

Aw man, such poor sales for a great game. 

But, would you really know about it? No adverts, no knowledge, no advertising...so, I'll blaim that more on Nintendo than anyone else. Sad to see such a great game struggle though...


@A203D- That's an interesting way of looking at things, I suppose. It may not be taking off, and maybe that's because of a lack of quality  titles in past generations...

Your comment about WRPG's is true though. Mainly because it's much more macho and also easier to run around with guns and big swords and weird dialogue etc., or because it reminds people of WoW. I dunno. But what I do know is that this series deserves all the success it can get!


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