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Killiana1a said:

I was seriously considering an Alienware, but settled with a gaming laptop from Gateway. I did my homework beforehand.

Source: http://www.gateway.com/gaming/pseries.php

Gateway laptops are some of the most reliable out there. Toshiba laptops are highly desired, but run hot and break down fairly quickly as noted in the customer reviews at BestBuy.com. Alienware...You are buying the brand name, which has been tarnished ever since they sold out to Dell. As for HP, I could not tell you but they are getting mighty trendy. Sony is nice, but too generic.

Yea, I'm going to repost this article:


It pretty much disproves exactly what you just said about Gateway and Toshiba.  Gateway is behind only HP for highest fail ratio in 3 years for major laptop brands.  Toshiba, on the other hand is in a sweet #2 spot only behind Asus, and is 8% lower than Gateway.

You shouldn't just look at Best Buy comments about laptops.

Also, I surely hope the link you posted isn't still a valid computer...it has Windows Vista.

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