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Whatever you do, avoid Toshiba and MSI laptops.

Interesting. My Toshiba has treated me well.  Fairly cheap and depending on the model can handle quite a bit of gaming.

Yea, he doesn't know what he's talking about.  Toshiba is the 2nd most reliable laptop brand there is:


Plus, for $900, you can usually get a really nice Toshiba.  In August, I got one with 1.6 GHz i7 and a 1 gb geforce 300 something graphics card which has done nothing but impress me, 4 gb ram, 500 gb hard drive for $900.  Now, the new model is out with a 2.0 GHz i7, a little better graphics card, 6 gb ram, 750 gb hard drive for $900 around here...I would suggest nothing but a Toshiba.

no i know what i am talking about, Toshiba failed me twice.....

Well thats just plain unlucky, lmao...the funny thing is that we have never had a main computer of ours fail, laptop or desktop.  The only one that did we were messing around with and we wound up wrecking it when we were unplugged it and plugged it back in.  I really wonder what people do to their stuff that it fails on them that much.

Lol, well i'm a heavy Laptop user, i carry it all the time and use it on almost everything even games, i've used a lot as well, Acer was Ace (no pun intended) , Samsung, Sony, HP are great, LG was fantastic (and looks great as well!) , MAC is okay though overpriced .... what else is there?

i've used Toshiba twice, and the first one had hard time doing simple stuff , (like WMM) and kept overheating, the second one kept having it's battery fail (at first it was okay, then the battery can't last for more than an hour)

as for MSI it was dead on arrival , its noisy and its horrible at doing the simplest things....

Over heating and sparse battery life are valid complaints for Toshiba.  For some people these aren't a huge concerns though. College students are likely going to have gobs of access to power outlets. The inevitable hour, hour and a half worn battery life to some is a mute point.  If you have a warranty, the retailer or toshiba(whichever you have the warranty through) should replace it before it is unbearable.   For the overheating, as long as the fan has room to breath it should be fine.  Times when I've overheated, I was running a heavy operation while not giving the fan some room.  Most importantly, neither of these two problems are detrimental to the health of the laptop.

For my situation, Toshiba has been excellent given the price, power, and reliability.