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Legend11 said:

This thread is flame bait.  Notice the original poster's comment "My PS3 is collecting dust. regardless what people think, I enjoy my Wii.", what does that have to do with defective products?  Also another comment in the original post "So, anyone that has read this and is a Sony fan, is a closet Nintendo fan, just scared to come out!", just seems to be asking to start a flame war, otherwise why even mention a Nintendo fan in the thread to begin with?  Maybe there could have been a valid thread about a company's products but this definately isn't the way to go about making one.

Oh and before the original poster comes in and complains that I'm "attacking him", I'm just pointing out things in the original post that should not have been said if they had wanted a serious discussion about the topic.

Please close this thread.

Hey legend, why is is that when i post you always turn it around on me, vcome to think of it you turn it around on a lot of people, you are very sarcastic as well.

Once again I am not biased, which systems do you have? I have th ePS3 and wii....getting the 360 as well

I don't even have a 360 yet and I am praising the system for the graphics and library.

As far as flame bait, you tend to accuse quite often on this site, when if you look at my profile, and my posts I try and be comedic , diplomatic and very neutral,

I originaly wrote that to tie in with another thread(the sony/nintendo fan)

The reason I implemented it in this thread is that there was too much bashing going on between the sony and nintendo fans, I have owned defective products by sony before. Therefore I have a right to post it.

I glad that you are so perfect that you are content in everything that you do. Must be so grat to be perfect like you. Why don't you post a real picture of yourself like me. Just hiding, great stay hidden and keep your sarcastic comments to yourself, you have accused me of being biased on more than one accord.