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All I can say here is that I love my Macbook Pro. It's extremely durable, got great battery life, great performance and OS X is a cool operating system. Windows also runs perfectly on it (although I don't need it often). I've had countless people saying "Macs are stupid. Why did you buy this?" But the ones who had some time with it all said it was way better than they ecpected. If all you want is performance a Macbook is not for you (even though they do have great specs). But the overall package is just killer. Basically the longer you use a Mac the more you get used to this "it just works" thing. You do have to pay quite a hefty price for it, though. But the biggest mistake most people do when they buy notebooks is just looking for the specs. There are things way more important for your daily user experience than the pure specs. (In my case being virus-free, having a magnetic power adapter, a backlit keyboard and a operating system that fits me well improved the experience the most.)

Just take your time and make sure you spend your money on the things you really need and not on things you won't need