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PullusPardus said:


Lol, well i'm a heavy Laptop user, i carry it all the time and use it on almost everything even games, i've used a lot as well, Acer was Ace (no pun intended) , Samsung, Sony, HP are great, LG was fantastic (and looks great as well!) , MAC is okay though overpriced .... what else is there?

i've used Toshiba twice, and the first one had hard time doing simple stuff , (like WMM) and kept overheating, the second one kept having it's battery fail (at first it was okay, then the battery can't last for more than an hour)

as for MSI it was dead on arrival , its noisy and its horrible at doing the simplest things....

I see.  My battery lasts a little over an hour, and with eco mode, a little longer yet, but I've never been impressed with battery length on laptops, unless you buy a heavier duty battery than what you can generally get in stores.

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