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oniyide said:

^^^ here we go again. "waaah, you made that game for this system but why not mine??" no offense but some of y'all sound like jealous kids

@Declan  just cause it got a sequel doesnt mean it did well. less than half a mil with a install base like Wii, a FPS that is supposedly a genre that is "better" on Wii because of "superior" control?? that is nothing to be proud of. ive seen FPSs on PS3 with worst reviews and little advertisement do better

He said that because the Wii is far stronger than the PSP. If an HD game can get a clean port to the most pirated, least cared about system, than why not the system the largest install base? This is the BS that most Nintendo fans talk about. Dante's Inferno, Split/Second, Army of Two: The 40th Day, and many others all made it to the PSP, and were ported from the HD consoles. When asked about why a certain game didn't make it to the Wii, a dev's first excuse is "It can't handle the graphics". If the PSP can handle the graphics tan the Wii definetly could. That is why he mentioned Split/Second