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Lostplanet22 said:

AAA. game...Quality...And it has an 72 on metacritic... They just made a Disney game for the audience who wants it.   They just could made a Mickey Party game and it would also pass 1-2 million sales;.

The top ten Third Party games (sales wise) on Wii are not known for their quality..  I doubt it is sending the right message to the devs...but who am I..

 I'm playing Devils advocat here, but I could easily see - had Epic Mickey Bombed - some people spinning the 'it wasn't good enough to succeed on Wii' type argument. But now it's a AAA quality game or something.

 I haven't played it (Doubt I'll ever bother) but what I've heard / read was never overly positive, albeit some of the gaming press wrote it off without ever really giving it a chance in terms of reviews.