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TheWon said:

Wii needs a price cut? Dec and the year still says no it doesn't. Your telling me after fighting off a price cut 360, remodel, Kinect,  500 market biltz, Halo Reach, Black Ops, Move, God of War 3, and GT5. They are the ones that need a price cut. If anyone need a price cut, and a massive one is the PS3. 

Games will come, and if they can bring out as many as this year. They can keep having decent sell numbers. May not  be Wii numbers, but regular numbers that regular systems have. Not phenom like the PS1 PS2 GBA DS, and Wii.

Even so the drops are getting bigger. Of course the Wii has more to drop, but a price cut would definitely help stabilize sales more. Seriously, $150 sounds like a really attractive price that's not $99.