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So with all the buzz about 3DS from Nintendo's recent event, where they confirmed the presence of online play in specific titles (while its certainly implied for others, i only know of SSF4 where they have explicitly stated it)

To my knowledge, Nintendo also glossed over details of the virtual handheld. So we are left to speculate, but the speculation is highly significant, because i would be rather shocked quite frankly if Nintendo retained the exact same online setup as before. While it would be hard to make the case that thier lacklustre online implementation has really hurt their sales, either of software or hardware, i would definitely bet that they're receiving significant pressure from 3rd parties to get their online act together, both in making a more attractive online marketplace and a more user-friendly online multiplayer model, and given that the 3DS seems to be trying to lean somewhat towards the "hardcore" sphere, Nintendo might be trying to appeal that way on the online front, but we shall see


I honestly don't know what they'll do. I'm afraid that if they do make 3DS same as Wii and DSi, then that means the next console will be exactly the same too, but at the same time them being so tight-lipped about it can't lead to something very significantly revised, can it?

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