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Chibi.V.29 said:
d21lewis said:

OP, let me add that heavy Rain made me feel the same way at the time, too.  That part where those guys attacked Maddison in her apt. was so intense and scary, the first time I played through it that I instantly came on this site and posted that it was the most incredible gaming moment, ever.  I can agree with you on the quality of Heavy Rain, buddy.

the bit with the thumb...and the pliers.....*shudders*

*shudders, too*

You know, maybe my playthrough of Heavy Rain go diluted by multiple playthroughs.  Heavy Rain was full of "I can't believe this is in a fucking game!!" moments.  It doesn't hold up to repeated playthroughs (because you already know what's happening) but, as far as this gen is concerned, I'll go ahead and say that the first playthrough of Heavy Rain is the most awesome couple of days of gaming that I've had all generation--as far as drawing me into a gaming world is concerned.

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