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The Final

MrT-Tar V.S. radishhead V.S. Rainbow Yoshi V.S. snfr 

We've made it. The final round of the Newcomer of the year. There's been a lot of ruckus in the last few rounds regarding rigging and cheating. Tensions flare when the competition is this heated and with the final round you can just feel the electricity in the air. I, the most electrifying man in VGChartz entertainment, gladly present you to... The Final!

The nominees are: (alphabetically... no favouratism here )

MrT-Tar radishhead Rainbow Yoshi Makes me happy pants... err...snfr

Note: This round has been specially crafted to help mitigate the issues from the past round by including both radishhead and snfr who officially came in second in their respective rounds in the semi-finals. Further discussion (read: arguments) regarding this topic in this thread may result in penalties courtesy of axumblade. This thread will be closed in 48 hours (Sunday January 9 @ 8:45 pm EST) at which point no further votes will be taken. Only votes in the thread count.

Here are the rules one final time

1) You can only vote once in the same match and if you vote for a second time on the same match then both votes will not be counted.

2) When you clarify why you voted for someone do not state: "The other contender is rubbish." You will be banned from the competition. In other words, no bashing of competitors.

3) It is okay to show gratitude once you have won, however do not boast about it. You will be disqualified despite winning and the runner-up will be deemed the winner. In other words don't do what Russia did at the World Junior Hockey Championships... Oh wait. Most of you aren't Canadian and won't know what I'm talking about. *sigh*

4) You cannot vote for yourself any longer, this is because you will gain a clear advantage with the expansion contenders in each match. If you vote for yourself then you will be punished by any of the four hosts that "hosted" the match. For example, the control of your avatar for a week. Hmm... I should've read this rule earlier when Dany612 kept voting for himself! ^_^!

On behalf of Rainbow Yoshi, Ninpanda and the rest of the gang that have put forward the effort to host this tournament I'd like to thank you, the community, for participating and making it a good time. I'd also like to thank all the competitors for participating and all those who continued to check out the threads and vote. This has been my first major opportunity to contribute to this site and it means a good deal to me that I got this opportunity. So thank you all. 

Alright... now with all that boring stuff out of the way...