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Hmm.  The following titles have all provoked what I would call "a strong emotional response" due to elements of great pacing and character or mood plus some memorable moments or levels:

1 - Ico

2 - Shadow of the Colossus

3 - Flower

4 - Cloud

5 - Silent Hill 2

6 - System Shock 1 & 2

7 - Uncharted 2

8 - Valkyria Chronicles

9 - Portal (awesome, awesome use of mood and tone and pacing and cake)

10 - Half Life 2 plus Episodes

11 - Vampire Masquerade : Bloodlines

12 - Siren Blood Curse

13 - Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth

14 - Amnesia Dark Descent

15 - Thief 3

16 - Halo CE (the good version on PC - I keed I keed)


Some more recent examples without going back to the days of stuff like Westwood's excellent Blade Runner title.

I like some of the moments/cutscenes in stuff like Final Fantasy / MGS etc but I find I just can't quite connect with their more erratic tone and nature and approach.  RPGs in general I always seem to find a mismatch between gameplay style and narrative.  It's hard to put my finger on why as they're often loaded with 'big moments' in cutscenes, but they never quite work for me.

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