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lestatdark said:
mjk45 said:

used the GT by citroen concept in the dream car championship everything went okay till lap 9 on the monza course when it ran out of power ,i thought being non endurance races that don't wear tyres or use petrol it would be the same for the battery but the gauge was right down so i limped into the pits after doing half a lap at 80kmh only to find that i could change my tyres and nothing else wtf!

As far as I know, the Concept car is powered by a Hydrogen cell, which depletes constantly during a race. Same thing happens with a pure electric car, such as the Tesla.

The GT by Citroen is powered by an ultra efficient electric motor mounted amidship behind the drivers seat along with the battery, but the real point is if petrol and tyres aren't consumed except for the endurance races then it should be the same for the electric powered cars, a simple fix would be for them to make the amount of energy gained by regenerative braking equal loss due to acceleration or at least make it so you can complete championships with the car