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Lots of people who favour gun controll always see the guns as the problem, and never look at the root causes ...

The CIA maintains a statistic called the Gini index which measures the income distributions between the richest and the poorest people in a country; the index is out of 100 and a lower score is generally better (more equal distribution). Countries like Denmark, Belgum, Sweeden, Norway and France are some of the most equal contries in the world and have scores of (roughly) 25; Russia is very inequal at a score of 40, and China is even worse at 44.

The United States Gini index is 45 and in practically every country that has a worse Gini index the wealthy are forced to have body guards to prevent there murder when they go onto the streets. The United States is a country where for (roughly) 20% of the population the best option for living the lifestyle you want to live is to become a criminal, typically a criminal where the meaner and more violent you are the better you will perform.

The question with the United States isn't "why is gun crime is so high?" the question is "why isn't gun crime higher?"