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thewoods said:

Sometimes I play Magic the Gathering in the real world, with real cards, but I know just basics..basically basics :D but - it's a beautiful game and I think playing it real is much better than doing it on computer. In this case Reality wins :)

except for the part where you need to pour hundreds upon hundreds of dollars into it to be competitive and trust me I speak from experience.

The beautiful thing about the planeswalker game (and I have it on 360) is that it levels the playing fields for everyone.  everyone is reduced to starters, things are much more balanced.

But as for the DLC, my complaint is with achievements in the 360 version.  Buying the DLC increases the work you need to do to get the 100% cards unlocked achievement.  I really should have gotten that one before adding a 4 or 5 new decks to the fold. So, yeah, I'll wait before getting the third DLC.