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Yes, I understand that guns can make killing someone easier. That wasn't the point I was trying to make nor is it the issue.

My point is:

1. If someone is to the extreme that they would kill someone, they will find a way.

2. There is a reason that people are killing other people and it isn't guns.

Number 2 is the real problem that needs addressed. Getting rid of the tool of choice isn't going to stop any of this. It's not the guns causing the problem is problems with our society.

The people that live here and the culture that exists is so much different than anywhere else I've ever been and this is the real problem. People outside of the USA like to point there fingers at guns to explain our problem, but they don't live here and they don't understand the root of the problem isn't the guns.

This problem is only getting worse as "thug" life is glorified more and more, the younger generation is eating this up for some reason. Parenting also seems to be at an all time low. Violence is accepted in all media, which is fine, but parents aren't there to put limits in place. They're not there to punish properly, teach respect, teach right or wrong. They're simply not their for their kids. They're not a meaningful part of their lives in that they want to be their childs friend not parent. Kids are raised in a society where drugs and gang life are glorified to the extreme. Parents choose to let this media babysit and teach their children about life. People look up to these "role models" and see this as either the correct way to live or the only alternative for them. Almost everyone that lives here has an "I deserve" mentality that they were raised on. Whether I earned it or not "I deserve" it. Such a narcissistic society that is only getting worse with this new generation.

I just love how people who don't live here (and probably have never visited here) can simply sum up the problem and call it obvious. People are killing each other. Taking away the tool of choice is not going to fix this problem. As I stated earlier guns have remained constant, it's our society that's changed.

You have to treat the problem not the symptom.

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