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clerk said:
lol @ Americans who still denies firearms to be a problem for them. It's simply incredible how blind humans can be.

Well it's a good thing we have someone with your amazing divine wisdom to help us all see. I'm sure you can easily state that the real problem Americans have is firearms, and there is no underlying issues causing people to actually use them to kill other people. Nope there couldn't be any other reasons. Glad you were here to figure this out for us.

You do realize that throughout the history of the USA most of the population posessed guns right? The murder rate is a current issue that didn't exist before, even though the guns were still there. But yeah the guns are the problem, couldn't be anything else. The one thing that has remained constant is causing the problem that's occurring now, but it wasn't before. Guns just decided "hey it's about time to start causing some murders." Nope nothing else could be the issue. Let's just pin our problems on guns and ignore all the social and cultural issues because if we ignore them they'll just go away.

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