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hibikir said:
Gun control works really well in most European countries for two reasons:
1)Generally good citizens have very little access to guns, so they won't end up using them in a moment of rage.
2)Since there aren't all that many illegal guns in circulation, it's not really all that easy for the criminal to get a gun.

There are so many firearms in the US, some of them even full auto that have been grandfathered in the law, that European-style gun control won't help. Without disarming the population first, it's of no use. Since every disarmament effort would not really make a dent on the criminal element's access to guns, it'd be a pretty bad idea.

It's not been working as well in Europe as people might think.  Some police in the UK are now carrying firearms due to the rise in firearm use among criminals.


The firearm genie is out of the bottle.  No one can put it back in the bottle via legislation without worldwide martial law, and even then there would still be quite a few who would have guns.  Good luck trying to un-invent the firearm.