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This is fairly simple I think. Basically, the idea is this. You're stuck in the middle of nowhere (Desert Island, Alps, Moon, whatever) and you have no chance of rescue. There is no Internet, no contact to the outside world, but there is an ample food and electricity supply for you and your 3 colleauges. My question to you is this. Well, actually, there's 2;

1. If you could only take 1 gaming console, which would it be? 

And, more importantly, 

2. If you could only take 5 games with you to last you forever, past or present, under these constraints mentioned above, what would they be? (No relation to the first question)


I Think this is very interesting indeed, and can't wait for the results! Personally, I'd go:


1. Final Fantasy 12

2. Dragon Quest 8

3. Monster Hunter Tri

4. Mario Kart Wii

5. Pokemon Platinum


All of these are good games, but they aren't necessarily my favourites! So, if you were stuck in this position, what you you choose? Answer below...


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.