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Hyruken said:
So that is 752k. Meaning for EMEAA there is still 422k un-accounted for.

You would have to guess Germany would be about 150k. So after all the main markets it would leave around 272k for the small regions. I'd guess 25k-50k for AUS. 50k for the rest of Asia seeing as places like South Korea are more PC markets. Don't think it is even out in China. Didn't get a release in middle east until 30th november so would only count for 1 day in first week sales. Which leaves Africa and the little countries in Europe to 172k to split between them. I don't think it looks under-tracked, and if it is then it is probably by less then 100k.

My full conservative estimate for first week sales... (BLUE: My estimate)

Country User Base Sales (*) Ratio
UK 3,535,040 270k 7.6%
France 2,777,107 235k 8.4%
Germany 2,248,715 190k 8.5%
Iberia 1,694,122 145k (Spain: 92k) 8.5%
Italy 1,865,266 100k (over) 5.4%
Scandinavia 999,725 60k 6.0%
Australia & New Zealand 1,003,197 60k 6.0%
Other Europe 2,198,933 165k (Finland: >40k) 7.5%
Middle East, Africa & Asia 3,598,510 270k (India: >20k) 7.5%
EMEAA 19,920,615 1,495k 7.5%