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twesterm said:

Final Fantasy XIV

This is actually my biggest disappointment this gen, I had such high hopes for this game that I actually built a gaming computer just to play it.  What I got was a giant slap in the face because it could not have been more apparent SE doesn't give two shits about their customers, they only wanted money.  They didn't pay attention to anything people in the beta said and ignored everything every other RPG did right so they could create one of the worst UI's in the history of gaming, down right stupid system that essentially limits the amount of time you can play in a day that you pay to play, and strangely omitted things such as an auction house.

I really can't think of a game that is a bigger insult to loyal fans.  I even bought the collector's edition (which I never do).  ;_;

ModNation Racers

I honestly didn't have high hopes for this game but I like kart racers so I gave it a try.  I know it's hard to be disappointed by a game you don't care about but this game just pissed me off so much.  I couldn't get past the third race because the AI was just so difficult (and don't tell me about a patch, I sold it long ago).  I would easily be in first the entire race but then in the last half of the last lap every time the AI would just unload on me and I would be screwed.  The AI would save their weapons almost the entire race and there would be nothing I could do about it. 

I tried for well over an hour to get past the third race in the game and I just couldn't do it.  You can call me terrible at a game all you want, the third race of the game shouldn't be that hard.

haha yea modnation is WAY to difficult. I am suprised i havent seen anyone else besides you say this, everyone complains about the load times or whatever. I remember trying for 2 hours to beat a single race because each and every time i would be in first something would happen, it was just rediculous.



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