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No, slugs don't usually come up where I live. Frogs on the other hand....

Is it possible to do the same with frogs? But with slugs is away mroe fun since they don't can even ran away from their oblivion.

It works with every animals, even humans, because the salt is a hypotonic solution to our skin. It is the exact same effect as getting wrinkly skin in the shower, but instead of water entering your cells, they leave. It's just that our skin slows the process.

OT: Yes I have, and i've fried ants with a magnifying glass too.

Stop being the nerdy. And I haven't fried nothing with magnificent glasses because I only know the rain.

Masters in Evolutionary Biology :D

Evolution doesn't exist, stop trolling in my thread.

Why would you not want to believe it?

I can proudly say that Diddy Kong is my uncle!