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adsl said:
Games4Fun said:
mikem said:

Drawn to Life

Mario Paint II

SpongeBob (not a rumor, read interview w/ ceo)

De Blob

(activision, electronic arts, and take-two might notice games selling on Udraw and pony up a few of their own.)


Nintendo helped design the hardware for the Udraw, they want it to sell well to help increase the wii base.  I can see them putting a couple games on Udraw, in 6 months, if Udraw is moving units........and the first obvious game would be Mario Paint....that game sold well for them.

Mario Paint Wii would actually make me pick one up for myself

Can't Nintendo just let THQ make a new Mario Paint? I mean, they already allowed Square develop Mario Sports Mix.

Anyway, with a Mario Paint game uDraw can reach 10 million and become a "new balance board".

To be honest I would have to really really really take a close look if THQ made it. They do not scream quality games to me. I cant even really think of any of their games off the top of my head now that i think about it.