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As the guys mentioned: Adjustments.


Please do not think this is trolling or anything like it, but I think VGC does not know exactly where Sony sold (shipped) those PS3s to explain the gap. We do get pretty good data for NA, Japan and sometimes for UK, so it seems like they just put it in EMEAA. I doubt VGC knows where exactly. But that should not discredit the great work VGC did with the tracking in the past years.

You wish.

The truth is , for those who still trying to question vgchartz numbers or Sony's shipping numbers, Nintendo's 3rd quater report showed that the PS3 was selling way better than we had it here, and that's just regular Europe. In Fact, after the Slim came out, the 360 only led for a couple weeks before the PS3 went right back ahead.

Read my post again please. I was asking WHERE the PS3 sold so well in EMEAA. I did not doubt that it did. So your "you wish" just shows me how sensitive you are.

It is not UK according to Chart Track / GfK (biggest market) so is it eastern Europe where VGC undertracked the PS3 or scandinavia or Germany??? Maybe the middle East?

you have hardware numbers from chart track from the last couple months? I'd like to see them

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