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SO who got the game? I'm few hours into it now and I have to say just WOW! THis game kicks major butt.

Graphics: Top Notch, the best on a handheld easily..great envronments, character design

Gameplay: Fluid, not too difficult puzzles, some nice platforming segments, overall impressive level design from R@D

Fighting/combat: Fluid and easy to jump in and the get going (especially if you are familiar with past games of the series)..learning combos really is rewarding. And most of all, as usual, a LOT of Fun!!!! oh yea weapons offer some good veriety too so far and I heard it gets better too, Thera's Bane is epic WIN

Story: Not gonna spoil it for ya'all who haven't played it yet, but Kratos shows some truly genuin emotions here, other than Anger. Overall story is very interesting and is going smoothly so far.

So far soooooo good. Highly recommended

Who else got it and what your feedback of it?

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