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I would hate to see this rumour turn out true. I don't very much like Sony or Apple but if they combined it would be an unbeatable force. Imagine how fast Apple could take out Microsoft and then even challenge Nintendo. Right now the big three can compete with one another but if Apple were to purchase Sony neither Nintendo nor Microsoft could hold their ground.

An acquisition would be the worst thing to happen to gaming since the crash in the 80's if not worse. Please Apple if you wanna enter the industry make your own studios and build your own platform don't aquire one of the big three. The question is would Sony sell? I know when Microsoft tried aquiring Nintendo, Iwata pretty much told them to go to hell. I hope Sony does the exact same thing if Apple tries, but could Apple succeed in a hostile take over?

I'm worried but then again this is just a rumour, it would be almost as bad for Apple to take over Disney. Though I wouldn't mind them taking over EAGames they wouldn't crash the game industry or the cartoon industry!


"In God We Trust - In Games We Play " - Joel Reimer