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I think i'm starting to like the new Dante now after i got over the initial shock... kinda like Zelda:Skyward Sword's new style, it just wasn't what i was expecting, but now I like both

Looking at DMC4's Dante, I realise that I don't really like the way he looks after all and imo DMC3 Dante is better... and the more I see of the new Dante the more I like his design even better, he does seem a lot "darker" and more serious than the old one

description of old Dante i found: "very laid back and often indifferent. He seems to be frequently in debt and never seems able to pay someone back. His favorite food is pizza and he loves a strawberry sundae" - not exactly the darkest/coolest character personality, he sounds a bit silly here - - - the new Dante really seems to be genuinely "bad"