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A203D said:

Yeah that was a funny pic, lol. i think if you play God of War 1 you will really like - it has a great story set in world of Greek mythology, its very good imo, but the gameplay dosent have as much depth as DMC.

i think that NT are changing the formula up a bit, but they're keeping things similar to before, only refining it from before. i mean from the first trailer the action is still pretty over the top. i've played the demo of Enslaved and imo it was okay, so yes i am also worried about the gameplay.

but i think Capcom tried to make Dante from DMC4 more 'western' with his butch body, and his stubble, and rolled up sleeves. that was my point from before, there was something not right about him, not the same as DMC1,2 & 3 Dante, which looked really cool. so i was saying that i'm shocked that they've changed so much about Dante, i think he does look pretty good now the dust has settled.

i think the main thing the fans are upset about is Dante's design, they couldve kept it the same. but i am a bit worried about the gameplay, but as long as its similar to before, but still improving it i will be happy.

Except for the stubble; Dante in Devil May Cry 4 looked how he did in the first Devil May Cry... which was badass.