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sapphi_snake said:
pizzahut451 said:

I know about lots of bad things in my culture and there's lots of stuff in my country that i dont like, but that sure as hell doesnt mean im gonna reject everything and accept someone else's  culture because i get more payed. That kind of person is the biggest traitor and disgrace to his/hers country. And better education is not gonna make me abandon everything i stand for.

It's not about beeing payed more, but when a country becomes more developed the people become richer, and consequently become more interested in intelectual pursuits. They get better access to education and broaden their horizons. They'll develop critical thinking and realise that there are negative elemnts within their country/culture, and that other countries/cultures don't have those negative elements and instead have better values and principles. Not all elements must be rejected, just those which are negative (and in the case of third world countries almost everything about their countries/cultures is bad).No it is not. Wow, you must really hate your country if you think so. It seemse to me that YOU need  access to better education and YOU need to broaden your horizon. You must have been completly brainwashed by biased and corrupted western mdia if you think that. I know 2 iranian guys who came here in germany 4 years ago. They are very educated and civilized, but they most certanly wont abandon their heritage and culture.

No, seriously, after reading your last sentence in this paragraph, im not sure if i wanna argue with you anymore. Dont bother to quote me.

A person is not bound to the place where he/she is born, nor to the culture he/she was born in.

When you say "everything i stand for" I must ask why do you stand for what you stand? And do you think that if a person is born in a certain country they must automatically stand for what that country/culture promotes?