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Torillian said:
Lord Flashheart said:

Seeing as this is the MS forum and GoW is used for Gears here.

Mind you I've seen you guys throw hissy fits in Gears 3 threads for using GoW so this doesn't surprise me.

Also I was winding you up. Don't be so quick to bite in the future.

Needlessly winding people up is called flamebait, so just don't do it in the future and everyone will be happy.

Oh come on not fair. i was having a laugh It's not my fault they bite too easily and are way too serious.

Besides coming into the MS forum and using GoW and not seeing the fault in that then posting badly shopped photo's isn't flaming?

Didn't realise we couldn't have a laugh and wind each other up anymore? I know I've been away for a while but this is silly.

Apparently "3" means I was wrong on something but he'll have to explain that to me.