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Neos said:
shitsman said:
**First of all: what the hell kind of name is shitsman?

Second: I'm 18 years old. I love the Wii more than any of the other two, though I own and play all of them. Most of my friends who are my age also own a Wii. I bet more than half the people on this forum have a Wii, and I guarantee here no one is a child or a grandparent. Therefore, you fail.**



Thats because its cheap as fuck. Every hobo can buy it. Right now Wii sells so good because peope actually think it has good games and is cheap REALLY CHEAP. Once ps3 and the AC get down to 250$.................what then? Who will buy a wii over a ps3 or tresixty then ay LOL?


Face it N drones, every mommy wants to buy their kid a ps3 or 360, its JUST TOOO EXPENSIVE ATM

ban in....3....2....1...

 Hmmmm, yup, that is strange. Usually I get banned just for sayin that wii wont win the war. Now Ive been spreading the truth about wii for two dayz and im still not banned? Has the WiiMod been repaced by a non WiiDrone? BTW, this site needs to ban all Ntits from rating 360 and ps3 games. Its just soo lame LOL