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TheRealMafoo said:
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No you don't!  The new testament clearly states that ALL of the old testament still applies.  You can pretend Christianity is whatever you want it to be, that doesn't make it so.  You are clearly like most Christians that only pick the parts of the Bible that match what they think Christianity is.  But if you are going to do that, then you and others are being hypocrits when you state that the Quran is more violent than the Bible.  You have definitely not read or understood the complete Bible.

To say I know nothing about Christianity is very presumptuous.  I was raised Catholic and finally decided after confirmation that I had had enough of the fairy tale.

And your the one that continues to make a fool of yourself, just like you did in the evolution thread.

Sigh... how about we take a different approach to demonstrate the same issue.

The world is a big place. Lots of countries and people. Find me one, just one, Christian church that trains people to kill, arms them, funds them, and sends them out to kill/die. Just one.

In the entire world, I just want one. One.

There are dozens if not hundreds of Mosques that do this. Does this not demonstrate there is a difference in the extremes of these religions?

You seem hell bent on proving that Christians are better than Muslims or that Christianity is better than Islam.  Because there aren't any Christian churches that train people to kill at this point in time doesn't mean there haven't been (there certainly has) and that there won't be again.

I don't recall hearing about thousands of children being molested by Imams.  Does molesting and sodomizing young children represent a fundamental Christian belief since it seems to be practiced extensively by some "extremists".

You can't have it both ways.  Both religions have been and will continue to be a hinderance to human progress.

That I agree with, but your argument is just false.

It's like saying your going to spend a night in jail, and they are going to throw you in a cell with a criminal. You have a choice get thrown in with a rapist murderer, or a guy who passed a bad check. When asked what cell you want, you reply "there both criminals, it makes no difference".

I am not saying Christianity is not full of problems, or that there history is horrible, I am just saying the extremists of Christianity today, is no where near the level extreme Islam is today.

Why can't you agree that that's true? It sounds like you feel if you agree with that, you have somehow defended a religion or obviously hate, thus you won't do it.

Wait, you are seriously saying that raping innocent young children is a misdemeanor compared to killing civilians in a terrorist attack.  Sorry, but picking which of these crimes is worse is akin to splitting hairs in my book.