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I love how the Sony fanboys like the delusional shitsman over here try to somehow undermine the Wii by calling it a "toy" rather than a gaming console or pointing to the casual gamers for the sucess of the Wii (hey sonyboys, just what do you think the primary userbase of PS2 was??) You can try to doge the importance and success of Wii all you want fanboys, but the fact is that Wii is a legitimate GAMING console with legitimate GAMERS as its users, and it's currently dominating its "hardcore" competitors.

I'm not going to sit here and try to predict how successful it'll be compared to the PS2, although it's looking like it's set to be just as successful or moreso than PS2. But to try and undermine and invalidate its enourmous success by shrugging it off as a "toy" is utterly REDICULOUS and pure fanboyism. The fact is that Sony fanboys are pissed that Nintendo has finally found a way to dethrone their precious Playstation brand, and they just can't handle it, so they try to kid themselves and others by claiming the Wii is somehow not a legitimate gaming console and that only casuals are carrying it to success. If that really helps you guys sleep at night, so be it, but you know as well as I do that this logic is just foolish and untrue.