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The raw damage formula for Monster Hunter Tri is:
[Attack Power x Type of Weapon Strike x Sharpness x Hitzone Multiplier x Special Class] / [Weapon Class Multiplier] = Raw Damage

Weapon class multipliers are as follows:
Bowgun: 1.2
SnS: 1.4
Lance: 2.3
Longsword: 3.3
Greatsword: 4.8
Hammer: 5.2
Switch Axe: 5.4

So Rol is totally right. To calculate the damage you divide the formula by the Weapon Class.

PS: Nobody answered my Question for the 3 Star arena quests. Has nobody tried them?

Tried the last one. Got through Barroth and Barioth, but ended up running out of time on Rathalos. It's pretty tough. Think I went with the GS, which was fine enough for Barroth and Rathalos, but was too slow to really be effective on Barioth, and it took me too long to down him.