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patjuan32 said:

Your comments suggest that Ubisoft did not bring this upon themselves. Go back and look at the games that they developed for the Wii prior to this game. You will see that this company is one of the biggest shovelware developers for the Wii. They themselves turnished their name and this is why Wii owners stay away from thier products. They should have thought about protecting thier brand  but they did not. Instead they went for the quick bucks with cash ins and are now reaping what they sowed.

Very true, they started somewhat strong, and then throw everything out the window. I still have problems buying some of the very few good/decent games they chose to publish (No More Heroes), because I know that the money will go to pay for a great 360 and PS3 that the Wii gamers will never see, and more shovelware for the DS and Wii.