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Slimebeast said:
richardhutnik said:

Let explain how the media works when covering things that aren't that serious or important, like sports or videogames.  The media lives and dies by being attention whores.  They need you to talk about them and rant about them and discuss them, to get them to visit their website, so their advertising gets watched.  In sports, you had the LeBron James show for several weeks, followed up with him doing a one hour special where he made an announcement where he would go.  ESPN obscenely milked this to a very large degree, making a ton of false predictions on where LeBron would go.  They got everyone all upset, and not just them doing it but Yahoo sports and others. And now the media is trying to do the same with Isiah Thomas scheming to take over the GM spot with the Knicks.  They will also end up creating a false rumored report of something happening, and report that, then report a denial of it being true, creating two news items where there weren't any.

How does this fit with Gran Turismo 5?  Well, easy.  What Kotaku does is post things that get people worried, and all upset at them.  You then post about them and go to the website.  Gran Turismo 5 is an ideal game to take a shot at.  You write an article talking about how a European deluxe version of GT5 is madly expensive.  You also write about the perfectionist development approach of the makers, saying it STILL isn't done (well, DUH, it hasn't gone gold yet). Then you post a suspect video on how the load times are obscenely long (considering with what happened wiht ModNation it would generate attention), but saying it may not be right.

And you fall for it, and discuss them, because you are SO concerned of the hype train behind GT5 might get derailed over concerns about the game, and affect sales, not only of the game, but the obscene number of PS3s you are banking on GT5 selling.  GT5 isn't just supposed to be a great racing game, it is supposed to propel the PS3 PERMANENTLY to second place, crushing Microsoft under the boot of Sony, and in a hail mary you hope it drives Microsoft out of the console business.  Well, nah you know it won't do that (drive Microsoft out of the console business), but gee, wouldn't it be nice if GT5 at least forced Microsoft to be permanently be in third place FOREVER?   Good to have them around to keep Sony on its toes, but can't have them beat Sony.  So... GT5 can't have its hype train derailed.

How about we derail hype trains and just wait on the game, and buy it because you like it, and not make it out to be more than a great racer?

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I got caught up into the entire NBA offseason thing with LeBron, and I see similarities here.  Let me say the person who doctored the video is also playing this pay attention to me game.

I am not sure anyone can accept videogames just aren't that high of a priority in the big picture, so they hold "journalists" to higher standards than one can really expect.  Amazing how such a low priority thing as videogames generate such passion.  I guess the same is true for sports, except at LEAST with videogames you get to interact with them.