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Yeah, I'm also a bit concrened about the amount of hype this game has gotten, I guess it's cuz i (personally) don't see anything that cool or special about it. Galaxy 2 was the sequel to the best game of the gen and others like GoW3 were really "cool" by definition (super graphics , killing, decapitation, gore.. etc), Metriod doesn't have much of that so it hasn't gotten much hype from forumers and the gaming media, and in the end, that's the hype that you actually feal, even if Nintendo released more trailers/interviews/screens it wouldn't have that deep of an effect without the intrest and hype generated by the gaming media and forumers

Previous Metroids were more on the cutting edge of their respective times, like remeber how much hype Metroid Prime 1 got, it had the super graphics (for that gen) and new innovative gameplay with never seen before stuff (first 3D Metroid). that game was so hyped and was so good that many consider it the best GC game ever to this day (with it being on the #1 spot of many top GC games lists), this game isn't the same, no cutting edge graphics, nothing really that excitingly new or innovative to really ignite the excitement of the gaming media and forumers, it's only being hyped up by fans of the series

and that (nice big wall of text up there) is why I think this game isn't that hyped up at the moment

EDIT: by the way, i was never really a big fan of the series to begin with, but i'm really interested in this game lol (because of the omission of the first person perspective), how ironic XD