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SHMUPGurus said:

Nothing new really. Metroid never really was "all that" outside of message boards and the "hardcore" gamers. Remember when they released that channel on the Wii Shop Channel that was supposed to advertise Metroid Prime 3: Corruption? I doubt it did anything to help sell more copies of that game. So my point is, no matter what Nintendo does to advertise a Metroid game, it won't achieve extremely high sales. Metroid lives by word of mouth. Also... maybe by fan service nowadays it seems.

Corruption certainly had botched marketing, but we at least knew stuff about the game, about what it was going to be like. Aside from the control scheme and only the tiniest fringe of story, we know jack-all about this game. How many major bosses are there, what's the format for adding weapons, what kind of armors are going to be here, how has missile/energy pickups changed, if at all?


It's not even an issue of marketing, but at least of making details of the game known.

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