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twesterm said:
Severance said:
twesterm said:

Ok, these are getting pretty silly.  That one is just blatant lies and misinformation and I just pray it's a fan-made joke.

Whats the "Blatant lie!" here?


  • Both MS consoles now come with wireless controllers
  • Kinect doesn't need rechargeable battaries
  • The 360 has a secondary controller (if you're counting Kinect)

And mind you all these points are as stupid as these charts.  None of it really matters.

Wii also has full voice support technically (Wii Speak), even if it's a pretty terrible solution and rarely used. 

You can also technically use a 360 controller with Kinect.  Forza's going to allow that, and use Kinect with headtracking, as one of the control options.