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IGN: "Peace Walker Sales Difficult To Judge"

C'mon this is ridiculous, MGS:PW is by far the biggest bomb of this generation.

It's not even the biggest bomb without digital sales. This one is:


I hope this is a joke.

Although I consider myself having a rather wide sense of humour, it was not a joke. Why would it be anyways?

Maybe because it bombed even HARDER on the PSP?


Yeah but it's a port.

The PSP already proved it could sell a GTA game:


A couple of things about your DS bashing.

A. You've got your tenses right. The PSP COULD sell a GTA game, it certainly can't now. In fact, right now, the PSP can sell nothing. Not a thing. No games. These sales are pathetic, and this is the best and largest games coming to the console for the forseeable future. At least the DS can cause games to make a profit. With the PSP, the games cost more to make, and sell like shite.

B. The damn game broke a million units. Do PSP games do that anymore? Note the plural.

C. Digital sales are a copout. This is a handheld.

D. I wonder if the 3DS can sell GTA games? I'm sure we'll find out.

E. So GTA sells a million units on the DS, and it's a bigger flop than Peacewaker setting at 50 thousand US? lol digital sales.

Woah first of all, where did I bash the DS? I own a DS (and no PSP) and I like it so take a pill.

A. I really don't want to get involve into a profit argument as I personally don't know the budget of the games.

B. Well Agito and BBS are sure bet. There's probably more to come. LittleBigPlanet might eventually reach 1 million. Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines sales are very good too. But in general it's true that the games are selling much less than they used to. Might have something to do with piracy and PSN sales. I don't know.

C. You don't know that.

D. I will be glad if it will believe me.

E. So you're comparing a lifetime sales of a game VS a month of another? lolz