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dtewi said:
tarheel91 said:
dtewi said:


Racing simulator, definitely.

Racer? Who knows.

Notice how physics isn't a single one of those five reasons.  This is more simulation than arcade, but racing simulator it is not. 

You think it's not a racing simulator then?

There are games much more focused on the simulation side of things (that unfortunately don't look anywhere near as good).  You wouldn't know it unless you actually drove a race car, but GT and Forza don't model real life vehicle dynamics as well as they model real life cars.  It's nothing gamebraking, and some of it's admitedly done to make the game more accessible, but it just doesn't feel right to anyone familiar with the real thing.

Granted, a good transient and solid state model for vehicle dynamics is pretty tough to get right.  That's why you see companies like Ferrari making their own for millions (the force feedback system doesn't cost THAT much, it's lots of R&D).