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IGN: "Peace Walker Sales Difficult To Judge"

C'mon this is ridiculous, MGS:PW is by far the biggest bomb of this generation.

It's not even the biggest bomb without digital sales. This one is:


I hope this is a joke.

Although I consider myself having a rather wide sense of humour, it was not a joke. Why would it be anyways?

Maybe because it bombed even HARDER on the PSP?


Yeah but it's a port.

The PSP already proved it could sell a GTA game:


Because it was in the beggining of the PSP launch. Piracy wasn't that bad back then. Too bad the system is plagued  by piracy now. I can guaranteed you a GTA game would not sell today.

Despite R4 flashcarts, the DS still managed to at least sell a million copies of Chinawars.

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