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Rawnchie14 said:
BBH said:
kowenicki said:
BBH said:

Historically 360 boosts have been short lived.

So we should wait and see. America/Kinect should keep the 360 ahead of the PS3 until Sony's next price cut. Basically, no chance of PS3 outselling 360 *this generation* now in my opinion.

yeah that boost in 2008 didn't last very long....  I think it was only about 10 months.

More like four.


Look at 2008 vs 2009 similar months.

I suppose it could still be considered a boost if numbers don't rise, but are prevented from going lower?

According to your own charts, seems about 6 months - and almost 10, if you count the ~17,000 difference in March/April of 2009 (even though PS3 outsold the 360 in this period - it relinquished it two months later,showing a sustained boost for 360 sales).

Don't know about you - but I think you just proved yourself wrong.

Yea, I suppose it is about 6 then, not four.

But what I said was that 360 boosts in the past have been short, obviously meaning in comparison to its competitors.

That's right, but as I say who knows if Kinect can be a game changer.