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Historically 360 boosts have been short lived.

So we should wait and see. America/Kinect should keep the 360 ahead of the PS3 until Sony's next price cut. Basically, no chance of PS3 outselling 360 *this generation* now in my opinion.

yeah that boost in 2008 didn't last very long....  I think it was only about 10 months.

But, but, but... ok, he was owned.

*Looks at your avatar*

Life has owned you.

Nice playing with you, dickhead!

If only you had hummility to say you were wrong...

I'm not going to report you because I'm not like that.

Now  look at my reply to Kowen, with graphs to back me up. I don't think I'm the one that's wrong.

Really, I come in here, state my opinion, get sarcastically called out for it, then some anime fan says I got owned, and all the time I was right...

He was wayyyyyy out of order there, and will likely receive a deserved ban.

but it was more like 7 months...

Okay, BBH, I'm not the type of user who looks for bans  (never got one, never thought I would get one), so before I get that, I'm sorry. This is not a sorry as in "trying to avoid it", its just a " before I'm unable to post" type of sorry!

Like I said, I was playing (kidding) in the first post, but maybe a got a bit too low. Okay, now I wait.