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Okay, to the Gamestop guy posting, he's absolutely correct (back-ordered/not enough 360 S for demand, high Kinect pre-orders DESPITE no advertisment yet, launching in November, and high pricepoint according to teh internetz). All the Gamestops in my district are the same exact way. Dozens of people come in every single day asking for the slim and we have to say that they need to wait around 2-3 weeks until we have them in stock.

Yesterday we got 1/3rd of the preorder slims and I had to go down the list and call everyone to pick it up as you only have a 48 hour period to do so. One guy rushed from New Jersey because he's been having withdrawals without his 360 for 3 weeks, lol. Also almost every retailer/site is backordered, so I expect even bigger 360 numbers in America in the coming weeks. I can't speak for Walmart though, as there is none in NYC.

Not to mention the damn thing isn't even out in Europe, and this is the dry season (Summer); imagine what this is going to do in the holiday season, ESPECIALLY combined with Reach and Kinect. People, specifically fanboys it seems, seem to underestimate Kinect and the casual/female crowd, and anyone who works at a Gamestop will tell you that. Hell, ever since we got that new Kinect commercial showing on our TV at the store, people see it and automatically pre-order, or hound you with questions. Move, on the other hand, we have advertisement for (since it comes out 2 months earlier), and it's extremely less popular. Maybe it's because Sony is trying to target the "hardcore" crowd, which doesn't give two shits about motion control (my experience IRL), or maybe it's because it costs you $210 without tax to utilize Move for 2 players, not counting accessories/peripherals if you want them. Maybe it's because it's so very close to resembling a wiimote/nunchuck; I don't know. I don't care for motion controls myself, but my manager, girlfriend and some of my friends are dying to play Dance Central.

But let me not go off-topic here. All those begrudged people posting "don't worry, the numbers will go back to normal" since the first week the slim released couldn't be more wrong. I also expect bigger America numbers in the next 2 weeks (whatever week it becomes stocked at retailers).

This post is 100% correct.  Litteraly every single thing you listed is the exact same way our stores are here in Missouri.  At this rate the 360 is going to have a Massive holiday and yeah I know this is slightly off topic but our Move pre-orders are horrible.  

Hrm, so it's the same down south, lol. I wonder how it's like on the west coast.

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