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   This is the middle of a product cycle aswell as a month in which titles (RDR,Alan Wake etc) where not as well recevied as believed buy investorx for one reason. Hardcore gamer aren't idiots! One Wii makes up half the market in the NA but there is crap for software an hardcore gamers don't play the wii. It was a purchase by parents to get there kids playing somthing and they never greated a good enough game selection because no one buys sthere sholve ware crap (Except for Mario galaxy and zelda). As for Microsoft and Sony your seeing the much more important trend. AAA games cost much more to make and the release of RDR well it did decent in sales it only was purchased after the reviews came out impressive. The pre orders where not that great but gamers wanted to see if the wild west would work. Once that happened sales were good and you say xbox sales just beating out the ps3 sales. Truth be told your seeing a dynamic in the gaming industry you've never seen before and i'm talking world wide. Xbox 360 users are now buying PS3 to get the maximum gaming expersince because AAA titles are few and far between. And some titles are exculsives. PS3 had a huge increase with the Slim and then with there software titles and GOD of War 3 then in terms of games we had a break. no really good titles until madden in Auguest and then We have the Move, Kenict, Gears, Halo, GT5, NBA 2K, Rockband, etc. All big titles. They will be big sellers as they should around x-mas but the hardware sales will set the trend. Kenict and Move are the new hardware release that will carry use for the next three years just because of development costs to software developers. So all you people pinning for new hardware can keep dreaming. Both microsoft and Sony did that to try to breath life into hardware sales. .Try to attach themselves to the Wii market in order to increase delevopers ability to sell cheaper software and keep the cycle going. This xmas and coming spring will be the biggest in gaming history. Thats when you will be able to measure weather we are moving forward or if this industry is in decline.

My guess. Sony will breath life into the market well microsoft continues a decline with Nintendo in the home console market. Before you start a flameboy war look at the reasoning. Even with the xbox slim, most of the sales increase has come from xbox owners buy new xboxs. Therefore the same person that was going to buy halo is still only buying on copy. Secondly there not introducing any new owners into the system because there was no price break and the PS3 is is the system to buy at the 299.99 mark becuase of its feature rich setup. 299.99. gets you everything espically online. Lastly the negitive press kinect will get during release. The beat the farm on this and at this point its not looking promising. There is not one game that looks revolutionare. Not one that would get hardcore gamers to say i'll spend 150 plus the game (which is over 200 why not buy a new system) for. There are still questions about how it will be used. At this point you have to stand up even to us the movie menus and such. Most of the demos that have been done have been faked and still even if they  where impressive, they where not impressive in a game developer sense.

Will find out the truth soon enough but my pick is Sony.  Sony once again will save Hardcore gamers everywhere.... Kevin Butler said so.