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thismeintiel said:

Oh man, that is hilarious.  You were trying to be funny right?  Please tell me you were.

No, it's just an observation made on the current gaming climate. If you want to see how "big" Halo is to todays market you need only look back 9 months to ODST or about 3 years to Halo 3. To go back to a time when GT was a big deal, you have to span 6 years and an entirely different console, in an entirely different market.

thismeintiel said:

GT5 will definitely outsell Reach in total sales.  I mean you have to consider that GT is Sony's biggest franchise.

That doesn't mean much. That just means they've had a single game sell over 3 million, it's not like Sonys other franchises ever top that by any great amount.

The biggest PS3 exclusive currently sits on under 5 million. Microsofts top one is more than double that and Nintendos quadruple or octuple even. Being the biggest fish in a little pond doesn't account for much in the bloodied ocean where the big fish swim.

thismeintiel said:

Halo fans have already had 2 full Halo games (Halo 3 & ODST) to wet theirappetite this gen.

Explain to us then why this will result in a lower sales effect instead of a greater sales effect like we have seen for :


Assassins Creed>Assassins Creed 2

Bad Company> Bad Company 2

Left 4 Dead > Left 4 Dead 2

thismeintiel said:

While, GT5 will sell about the same as GT3, ~ 14-15 mil.

Well i'd like to know what you're break down for this is globally.