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ChronotriggerJM said:
PS-She said:
If developers stopped making PS2 games, the Wii would lose half its game library.

Ouch ><

@Happy Yeah thats Sony lol, 10 YEAR PLAN 10 YEAR PLAN, sadly the way they engineer it probably will be around in 10 years.

@OP The ps2 literally raking money in for Sony can't be a bad thing no matter how you cut it, by the time the PS2 sales finally drop off the face of the market, we'll probably be looking at a $299 (possibly less) PS3, which will have a shit-ton of games by that time. Many of it's first - second year games reaching bargain bin prices.

 "The ps2 literally raking money in for Sony" is exactly why they wouldn't do that. While the PS3 is having trouble getting on its feet, the PS2 is still a huge moneymaker for Sony, and money is exactly what they need right now considering the amount of $ they lose on each console sold and the relatively low attachment rate.

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