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eggs2see said:

I think you lot saying nintendo's was the best have lost it.  I guess it's all just personal opinion with regards to games, but on a presentation level the fact that sony could properly demonstrate move, live, while nintendo failed and microsoft's kinect i'm pretty sure wasn't live demo's speaks volumes to me.

Honestly move is looking like the best of the motion controls by far after this.

Oh and comeon surely im not the only one who thought microsoft's presentors were wayyyy to camp and nintendo wasn't much better.

Good on sony for gettin up there and just talking to us like we are normal people and not having silly gimicks.

Dude, with all due respect.. Are you nuts??

Zelda Skyward Sword reveal and footage with 1:1 motion, Golden Sun DS, Goldeneye Remake, DQIX, a brand new Donkey Kong Country from Retro, Kirby, Epic Mickey Footage, Mario Sports Mix, plus the reveal of the new handheld 3DS, 3D movies and pictures, Kid Icarus, with tons of other announced games like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Sonic, MGS, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, Paper Mario, Assassin's Creed, and many others.

This may very well have been one of E3's best conferences EVER.

Sony meanwhile had let's see.. Twisted Metal and Portal 2. And a bunch of Wii immitators.

This guy is living proof that no matter what Nintendo does, some people will never be pleased. But I guess that's true with anything.